Len Drugge’s Remarks for the 40th Anniversary of P.W. Mini School

June 22, 2013

Hello Mini School grads. What a wonderful occasion this 40th reunion is. I’d love to be with you, but unfortunately a vicious cancer has its talons in me and won’t let up.

However, I want to tell you I am thrilled and honoured to learn about the Len Drugge legacy fund which will help future students to enjoy full participation in the Mini School program.

Our curriculum is built first inside a classroom on theories and then, for more depth of understanding, goes out into the community and environment to see the theories put into action. Some of our trips are quite extensive and therefore are expensive. So thank you to those who have contributed to the fund through the Vancouver Foundation.

It is so very gratifying that so very many of you are here today and that now some 1200 students have graduated from the P.W. Mini School. I understand that there are even students now in the school whose parents are graduates, so we have endured for two generations.

Little did the four of us who were the staff in 1973 realize that the design and the proliferation of the Mini School format would last and flourish for some 40 years. So to Pat Robertson, Betsy Rollins, and Dane Clark goes much respect and gratitude for their insights and input into both the design and the actualization of the school itself.

We fostered the development of an appreciation and recognition of the integration of concepts found in all school subjects. This was a pathway to explain complexity.

The number of success stories of our graduates is absolutely overwhelming. So your teachers and your parents must be bursting with pride, just as I am.

Every bit as important as the success stories, are the many friendship groups that have endured right from graduation to today, be it one year or forty years. They are a measure of the bonding that occurs in the Mini School as students help each other on the out-trips, the projects, the adventures, and the challenges. Trust, respect and an appreciation of diversity are the natural outcomes.

Helping to create the mini-school was certainly one of the highlights of my career and I thank the students, the teachers, and the parents for their enthusiastic engagement in the school.

Roll on Mini

Len Drugge
Founding Head Teacher
P.W. Mini School 1973 to 1975