Who Should Apply to PW Mini School?

Students who are:

  • living within the boundaries of the Vancouver School District;
  • interested in what the school has to offer (not just a parent telling the student to apply);
  • needing greater academic challenges at school;
  • interested in opportunities to go deeper and wider into the curriculum (going beyond the regular secondary school curriculum);
  • interested in developing their leadership skills, and volunteering in their local community;
  • willing to play a positive, contributing role in a smaller school community;
  • interested in building relationships with others by participating in school camping trips and social events;
  • capable of some self-directed learning (without teacher or parent supervision);
  • interested in developing as well-rounded individuals (finding a balance of academic, athletic, artistic and social pursuits).

Grade 7 Application Form

For current grade 7 students looking to apply for the 2019-2020 Grade 8 class.

Grades 8-11 Application Form

For current high school students looking to apply for openings in 2019-2020 Grade 9-12 classes (where available).