Our 45th year of providing challenge through enrichment.

“My five years at PW Mini School have been amazing – stimulating classes and field trips, great friendships, and a chance to develop and test myself.” (PW Mini School Student)

“The benefits of this school were obvious from day one through to graduation. An excellent place for students needing greater challenge.” (PW Mini School Parent)

Prince of Wales Mini School is a district enrichment program offered by the Vancouver School Board. The school was established in 1973 in order to meet the academic and social needs of highly motivated students. Prince of Wales Mini School consists of 150 students from Grade 8 to 12 (30 students in each grade).

The purpose of Prince of Wales Mini School is to create a positive learning environment where students are challenged to excel in a broad range of subjects. We offer an intellectually rigorous academic curriculum, as well as exposure to a wide variety of enrichment activities. We encourage students to develop as well-rounded individuals—to find an appropriate balance of academic, athletic, artistic, and social pursuits.